Sunday, August 14, 2016

Annapolis Design Store Keeps it Cool!

Annapolis Design Store Keeps it Cool!

Keep it cool and keep it relevant!

The design world is all about keeping your home fresh with accents that can mix in with your existing pieces. Just by adding one accent piece, one piece of art or a splash of color, you can bring your spaces into this century and give the room a new lease on life.

Just look around the room.... OK, that's enough time. What is the one thing that dates your room the most when you look with an objective eye? Is it that art over the sofa that you have had in that place for the last 20 years? Is it the Queen Anne console table against the wall? Or, is it the shiny brass Floor Lamp next to your chair?

REFRESH! It is time to refresh! Let go of these things! They do not have to stay in the same place, just because they have always been there! Go to Details over on Bay Ridge Rd. in Annapolis and bring us a photo of your room. LeeAnn our newest Designer will meet with you and take a look at your photo and make some good practical suggestions that don't cost an arm and a leg.Once you get results, you will start to look at your entire home with a new eye. Which room will be next?

LeeAnn did this wonderful display above and the colors, balance and style are spot on! It is a great look for the end of summer, in very cooling colors. This traditional chair, in a teal finish puts a whole different spin on it. It is a more current piece and adds style her vignette.

The Artwork is a print of a watercolor, very
 serene and washy in the blue, grey and green tones.

See how she added the vases on the counter top in front of the art. She purposely pulled the colors out of the art to make more of an impact.
Then balance-wise she reinforced the vertical nature of the trees by using the candlesticks and vases in the elongated shapes.

 This concept can be used on your fireplace mantle.

                                                                                Our featured rustic cabinet is just plain fun!
With three doors that are not the same size, color or finish, you can store a lot behind them. I've not met a person yet that says that they have all of the storage that they need.

Remember that Queen Anne Console you had? Let's loosen up the room and go for a more Coastal Look. You do live in the Mid-Atlantic States, you know.

Here is more storage! These are great boxes in     all types of finishes to maybe use on your coffee table to keep all of your clickers and TV remotes in. Storage boxes like these come in hand to hide all of the small bitty things on your table or
shelving that add to the cluttered look.

Come in and see LeeAnn even if you just need to pick up a Hostess Gift for your friend. These rose bud votive holders come in a variety of colors and are a very useful gift that your friend will cherish. We also have fun , polka dot candles, and as always, the best picture frame selection in town.

Don't forget our annual tent sale is coming up ... September 10th at 9:00 AM. In the top right hand corner, enter your email address and we will keep you posted about our big Annual Tent Sale.

This is a big one! It is our 25th Year in Business!

See you there!    Gina

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Best Seat in the House!

Spring has come on so fast!

When you write a blog, one often makes comments like this because of how often it comes time to write another blog! It has been so busy, I've been neglecting our blog.

We have certainly gotten our share of spring rain.

So, this blog is very appropriate for a spring afternoon. We are concentrating on "The Chaise" . It is the most stylish place in the house to take a nap. In fact that is what my husband is doing right now! I better take a picture or you won't believe it!

There! I told you so.

In interior design, most interior designers have shunned the recliner and opted for using "the chaise" in their designs. It has always evoked a much more romantic feeling and can seat one with their feet up or two sitting sideways in case of a party or a more populated gathering. I just love a chaise with one arm because of this reason. I often use a chaise in my clients projects. Sometimes clients ask me to take it out and just use a loveseat, because they are uncomfortable with the concept. But, once they have a chaise they never go back! It ends up being the preferred seat in front of any TV.

Here in our front platform display this month we have a good looking chaise with great lines. This beautiful seating option is for sale for the mere price of $2038.00   

The composition of our vignette this month is using the Greys, neutrals and yellows. These vases are favorites of mine because I like how they layer together and provide some asymmetry to a design.They go for $93.00 and $145.00.

When accessorizing your spaces, remember to use a bit of metallic finish to add the sparkle to the room. These candlesticks are functional and do just the trick. Keep your accessorizing interesting by playing textures, colors, sizes and finishes against each other to create the tension in the room. Keep it exciting!

Be sure and get your monthly visit in to our retail store, Details of Design and view this vignette in person. You can stand in front of it and study the design to really understand the interplay of all of the components.

Bring in a picture of your trouble spot in your home and our in store designer, SeDell can help you bring a fresh new look to your space for Spring!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

November Passes Quickly!

November Passed so quickly this year. We are already in the full swing of the Holiday Christmas Market. The stores are urging everyone to get there as soon as possible and the radio is playing nothing but Christmas Music! I can't stand it!
Let's slow this train down!!!! Let's remember that just one day ago, it was Thanksgiving. Some of the trees haven't even dropped the rest of their leaves. Some home owners haven't even picked up the leaves that fill their yards! Can we take this more slowly???? Winter doesn't start till Dec. 21st!
                                     Fall Tones with Rich Leather Chairs and Beautiful Fall Water Scene

The girls have put together a wonderful Vignette as you enter Details of Design on the right. It is full of rich fall tones, from the handsome greens and blues to the russet saddle leather chairs.

The Original Oil Painting makes a beautiful focal point for the grouping. The old row boat in the picture has been abandoned at the end of summer and the foliage in the artwork indicates it is in the fall. It's a little sad, in a way....

The Driftwood bowl that this all natural arrangement is in makes a statement. Can you picture this on your coffee table or the center of your dining table? It's price is $338.00



The Bicycle Book-ends are just precious! They would make a great gift for the cyclist on your list this year at $83.00 for the pair!


Here are  a trio of Candle Holders in a Rust Finish with our Patchoulli Candles. Our Candles are Custom Made for us and are not available anywhere else! They are made from the scent of the Patchoulli Root. It is a very pleasant , natural scent.

The Candle holders are $18.00, $28.00, and $36.00.

And last but, not least, we have the cozy, soft throw to go with everyone's d├ęcor. The rich thick Chenille Yarns really keep you warm when you are all snuggled up on the sofa, watching TV. This one is $75.00 in tan and camel.
Have a cozy winter and just take one day at a time and you will end up at the other end of this Holiday Season unscathed! Drop in to see us or call for a consultation in your own home.
We hope to see more of you! Soon!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Slightly Nautical

                                Slightly Nautical, What Do You Mean??????

Well, it means that even though we live in Annapolis and are "all over" that Coastal look, we can be a bit more subtle. Not everything is Port Holes and Anchors!

Our new intern Anna just unpacked these fabulous
Navy Blue Sisal Mirrors and she set right to work
on redoing the front display platform on your right as you enter the store. Anna is an emerging professional with three years under her belt at Radford University. Stop by and welcome her to our team!

The bold graphic rug that she chose to use is an Indoor/Outdoor rug!
It measures 42" x 66" and is only $163.00.
It is available in larger sizes for those porch areas where you need a bit of pattern.
I love how she used this Scrubbed Oak Bookcase.
The bookcase is $788.00 and measures 53" high.
 Look at how it repeats the shape of the square motif of the Mirrors on the wall.
 Now, I happen to think that, she knows what she is doing! Good Job, Anna!
The Desk in our grouping is made from Canvas covered wood, Gemelina ( the dark wood) and top of the desk is faux painted to look like Parchment. The stretcher bars under the desk, that give the piece stability are iron and the hardware is solid brass. It is a sleek desk that is a work of Art!
Not to change the subject, but, here's a nice Father's Day Gift! Our Hand Painted Teak Frame would be perfect with a great photo of you in it. The Picture Frame retails for $44.00 each.
 Good idea, Right?

I will leave you with that thought! Don't wait to the last minute to get your Dad a gift!

Also, Come in and See Anna, soon!
 She can help you with any small project that you have from accessorizing your Fire Place Mantle to selecting a new chair to go with your sofa in the Living Room. The girl is a natural!

Gina Fitzsimmons, ASID


Friday, June 19, 2015

Annapolis Designer does Baltimore Show House Library!

The Baltimore Show House this year at Oak Acres
was a huge success! The rooms from top to bottom
were really well done and brought the house back to it's Former Glory!

The House had loads of Charm and Detail! Talking with the Public was so enjoyable. Year after Year we see a lot of the same Supporters. After awhile, you start to recognize each other!

Take a look at the Photos below and enjoy the tour!


 I was speaking with the owner of the property and she said that she didn't think that she would be able to part with the house because of the flood of memories every time she enters the house. She said, " Men have Man Caves, Why can't women have a Woman House?" Now there is a concept!
 I know exactly what she means, I would love to buy my Grandparents house in Massachusetts and totally refurbish it to a 60's look. Just being in the space feels almost like connecting to the past and it fills you with a special bond to your departed loved ones.
Well, on to the finished Library! The fireplace use to be painted the exact same grayish green shade as the walls and moldings. Below I have loaded the before and after shots of the fireplace wall. The architectural detail, to the 100 year old mantle just popped, when we lightened up the mantle and painted it like the contrasting trim of the room
Just look at the Before Shot above and the After Shot below!
Look at the beautiful detail in the Mantle!
Upon entering the room we had a Library Table set up with two very comfortable Chairs. With this age of laptops and Ipads it really isn't necessary to have a full blown desk anymore.
We have injected a contemporary cocktail table with great lines to complete our Style of Traditional.
Keep it fresh! Keep it current! Keep it relevant!
 To "Beef Up the existing Crown molding we added a Panel Molding on the Ceiling and painted the outside of the panel a bit deeper shade of paint to add dimension and give the effect of a tray ceiling to the room.
We did a small Bar just inside the doorway from the Dining Room. The Library is a perfect place for an After Dinner Drink in front of the fire when you have company for Dinner!
Our Upholstered Cornices got a lot of attention! We upholstered the crown molding at the top of the Cornice as well! A great idea shared with the public! 

We brought all of the Accents, Artwork and Accessories from our Retail Store, Details of Design in Annapolis. If you need a few pieces and can not make it to the store, please look online at
What a great experience the whole project was! The Designers all pitched together with the Symphony Members and manned the rooms, while buses and buses full of people arrived one after the other to view all of our hard work.
Gina Fitzsimmons, ASID


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oak Acres, The New Baltimore Show House!

Baltimore Symphony Show House at "Oak Acres"  2015

Well, Thank You, for all of the encouragement!
We designed the library, made up a presentation board and got the room!!!
So, you can see below that we are doing "A Study in Neutrals", Get it?
A Study, (library).... in Neutrals.....(Beige and Cream)?
Here's the sketch of the grouping in the Library. We decided to set the grouping on the angle so, you do not walk into the back of the sofa. That is always so "unwelcoming" !
We will have a Library Table stacked with accessories and books and other Objets D'art, 
you know what we mean,.... organized clutter.

The mirror for over the fireplace is a "Ten". 38" round and just gorgeous!
It is always great if you have a nice focal point for the room.
Well, we have a lot of paint work to do in the room. It is very dark and drab. We intend to lighten this room up and add some molding on the ceiling and have a very serene room when we are completed.

So, please follow along.... keep up with our blog by clicking on the subscribe button so when we do a new posting you will automatically get our updates! It shall be FUN!
                                                           Gina, Corey, Megan and Marie

Friday, November 21, 2014

The New 2015 Baltimore Symphony Show House

We are considering doing a room at this years Baltimore symphony Show house in the Guilford section of Baltimore. The design committee has found a lovely Grand Dame of a home that is very stately. Walking up the front walk of the home with the leaves rustling beneath our feet brings flashbacks to a grander time. You can simply imagine how wonderful this house was when it was first built in the early 1900's.
Then reality set in when we entered the home. It has been many many years since this home has seen a lick of paint. Although the architecture is impressive, it is sad to see how dark and depressing the house has become.


The interior of the home was strewn with dull and dusty mahogany furniture bits and pieces and thread bare rugs. The whole feeling that came over us when we, (Corey, Megan, Marie and I ) walked through the space was overwhelming dread. I could tell what everyone was thinking and no one was saying. "WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE!!!"


That being said, I have had time to get myself together and I have said, "Self, would it not be a true transformation? Would it not be fun to be a part of bringing this house back to glory? Would it not be a fun project with lots of camaraderie?"



OK, so now i am torn. It is a very long, hours drive in heavy traffic. We are busy at work trying to keep up with our client's design work.


There are four of us to manage the project, we can spread it out a bit. The committee did give us lots of notice this year before the presentation boards are due. Our last project with the Baltimore Symphony brought in work and publicity.


Oh, my goodness! What do you think? Should we just do it?